Block party song (PDF)

Updated June 13, 2015
Posted June 11, 2002




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2015 Block Party is Saturday, June 27

group in street

An Ohio Avenue block party of yore.
If you have ideas about the next block party, talk to your neighbors and make it happen.

How you can help:

Take that first step and sometime between 4 and 6 p.m. bring your gear to the middle of the block between La Follette and Bashford.

Bring a dish to pass, a beverage, silverware and a chair. If you have an easy-to-move picnic table, that would be a great contribution.

If your children bring friends, make sure those guests bring their own food, beverage and dishes to share.

Slip Lora a few bucks to help cover the $50 street-closing permit.

Enter the talent show. Talk to emcee Ritt in advance or at the party.

Move your car before 3 p.m. when the street officially closes, per the permit from the city.

Volunteer to start the parade at about 4:55 p.m. Bring a trumpet or kazoo. No musical aptitude necessary.

Questions and comments? Talk to a neighbor or email blockparty [ ] ohioavenue. c o m

Approximate Schedule for Block Party

3 p.m. The street-closing permit takes effect. Please move your car off the block between Bashford Street and La Follette Avenue so we have room to play and other drivers see that no traffic is allowed.
3:05 p.m. Children start riding their bikes in the middle of the street.
5:10 p.m. Set up grills and tables. Start socializing.
5 p.m.
Gather to parade around to Talmadge and Jackson streets. Meet in middle of black (about in front of 169 Ohio). Bring instruments (especially drums and trumpets), banners, decorated bicycles and wagons, creative hats, noisemakers, etc. A parade marshal needs to volunteer.
6:30 p.m The party continues. Bring food to grill, a dish to pass, beverage, silverware, plate, lawn chair.
Sometime around 7 Talent show. Bring along a copy of the Ohio Avenue Song. Check in with emcee Ritt at the party if you want to perform.