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(officially after 3:30 p.m.)

In 2012, the Grits were in the 2E Boston No. 3 league. We moved up again. Can't be our skill or win-loss record....

In 2011, the Grits were in the 4E Houston No. 7 league.

In 2010, the Grits were in MSCR's Boston League, No. 3. Yikes, we moved up.

In 2009, the Grits were in MSCR's Recreational League No. 7, also known as the Houston League.

In 2008, as in 2007, the Grits were in MSCR's Recreational League No. 11, also known as the Miami League. The Grits were in the Miami League in 2008; in the Minneapolis League in 2006, 2003 and 2005. Who remembers about 2004?

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Only first half is posted as of April 29. You may have to choose first half (May 1-June 10) or second half (June 17-July 29) in dropdown menu.

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